If you look up on a clear, cloudless night, then you will see a magnificent picture of the starry sky. Thousands of flickering multi-colored lights add up to bizarre figures, captivating the eye. One day, I read an interesting phrase. It was written th
We are surrounded by work, family, business ... There is not enough time, it flies so fast. One day, then another... Sometimes, in all this fuss, we lose the need to look at the stars. From this, somehow not comfortable in the soul, some inexplicable di
The main astronomical events of November 2022 The most interesting astronomical event in November is a unique lunar eclipse, during which our natural satellite will temporarily close the planet Uranus, which is just entering into opposition, for ground
Az október izgalmas hónap volt idén a csillagászok számára. Például az október 9-i Telihold első hetében ez lenyűgöző élmény volt, ezen a kedden, október 25-én pedig részleges napfogyatkozás következett be, amely lehetővé tette a csillagászok és a csilla
The planets, stars and days of the week are carefully studied in astrology. Planning things with the help of horoscopes will tell you when it is better to relax and do household chores, and when it is worth rolling up your sleeves and immersing yourself
Do you know that even Presidents are fond of astrology? For example, at one time, Reagan and his family turned out to be real fans of astrology, they read horoscopes on a daily basis. After her husband was assassinated, Mrs. Reagan simply became obsesse
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