April is coming soon, which means that in the horoscope of the Druids (April 1 - April 10) is the period of Magnolia. Magnolia is very vain and always strives to rise above those around her. She achieves success in society for a long time and patiently,
Last year, Astronomical Spring (vernal equinox) began on March 20th. In 2023, the spring equinox will occur on March 21st. But what is it? What happens on this day and why does this period attract so much attention? So, let's start in order! On the da
There is a wonderful song "Silver Clouds"... It is different for everyone... Everyone will see in it their own depth, their own emotions and feelings. You close your eyes and see passing silvery clouds... The most interesting thing is that this is not on
Perhaps this day will not be particularly fruitful. Many people will find it difficult to focus on planned activities. For example, you will be distracted by new tasks, conversations, or thoughts about the distant future. Make sure that this does not le
Shortly after Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, winter came. It lasted a long time, severe frosts reigned on the ground, and the cold ruthless snow spared absolutely no one. In the end, Eva could not stand it - and burst into tears. She cried not
Why do stars twinkle? We earthly observers have the impression that the stars twinkle, but in fact the stars themselves cannot twinkle. But why do we think so? Because we see the light from the stars after it has passed through the thickness of the atmos
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