The first hours of 11 AUGUST will be fateful for TAURUS. The conjunction of the Moon and Uranus in their sign will bring unpredictable changes closely related to the concepts of freedom, release from control and obligations, and a change of image.
AUGUST 14, 2020 CONNECTION OF THE MOON AND THE RISING NODE - a day of spiritual growth and transformation. AUGUST 18, 2020 UPPER CONNECTION OF MERCURY IN TRINE / SEXTIL WITH KNOTS is an important astrological event in itself. It will give a start to thos
In the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, there were eclipses in July. They influenced the state of Cancers and Capricorns - they added stress to them, caused a short-term surge of energy, awakened deeply hidden fears.
On July 22nd the Sun will move into Leo and will remain there until August 22nd. In Leo, the Sun is at home, so solar themes will be relevant.
This is a good day. He inspires and gives gifts. You will wake up interest in moving forward, new hobbies and goals will appear. The connection will be in Gemini, so the karmic events of the day will be associated with new knowledge and impressions, learn
The aspect, at first glance, is unpleasant. Many plans these days will be frustrated. You may lose something important for you personally related to your family, privacy, parents, due to force majeure.

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