In the poem, you can view all the "planets" of the classic set, except for the Sun. But this is not remarkable - in any large work one can find planetary types, - the main thing is that astrological types pass in front of the reader in the order of the pl
When the Sun makes a square to Neptune, everything goes strange: confusion, facts of fraud, forgetfulness .. This aspect happens twice a year. And since Neptune is a slow planet, the last years of misunderstanding took place on about the same days - in ea
Such eclipses are credited with a negative impact: loss, deprivation, unhappy fatal events.
This aspect is called LOWER VENUS CONNECTION. Venus at this time is astronomically farthest from Earth. Astrologers believe that this is the right moment so that everyone can realize what they need for happiness.
On May 28, an important astrological event is ahead - the ingression of Mercury as a sign of Cancer. Mercury controls communication and movement, and each of us goes somewhere and communicates with someone every day.
In June 2020, the stars will present great luck. Astrologers distinguish 4 signs of the zodiac, which are waiting for incredible success and a solid white stripe for the rest of the year.
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