Tomorrow, July 18, 2020 we are waiting for the connection of the Moon and the Rising Lunar Node


Tomorrow, July 18, 2020 we are waiting for the connection of the Moon and the Rising Lunar Node

This is a good day. He inspires and gives gifts. You will wake up interest in moving forward, new hobbies and goals will appear. The connection will be in Gemini, so the karmic events of the day will be associated with new knowledge and impressions, learning something new, new people.

What you see around, and those with whom you communicate, will become the vehicles of new ideas. Be curious and open to the world. The paths that will open today will lead you to spiritual growth and fulfillment of the karmic task of the current incarnation.

But what else awaits us before the end of July?

July 30, 2020 - T-square of Mercury, Jupiter and the Black Moon

The exact aspect of Jupiter and Lilith will happen a few days earlier. Therefore, already two or three days before today's transit, become more careful in social activity. Do not rush for all the social benefits that you will be offered. But the influence of Lilith will be maximally strong on July 30, when Mercury will join her and Jupiter.
A closed figure is formed - a T-square. He is dangerous in that he puts people in a position where they have no choice but to act. Although it would be wiser to wait and do nothing.
You can counteract Lilith this way: solve today's problems only in legal and ethical ways.

July 31, 2020 - conjunction of the Moon and the Descent Lunar Node

Be careful today: the conjunction of the Moon with NLU awakens base feelings in people. It will be difficult to control emotions.
The mood will jump up and down. Under the influence of a momentary mood, you can make mistakes.
In the best case scenario, you can use karmic experience to solve current problems or receive a reward for past good deeds. In the negative version, you will lose something today. This will be the payment of karmic debts. Given that the connection will be in Sagittarius, both the reward and the loss will be associated with reputation, social authority, other countries or foreigners.

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