This week, Venus is turning in direct motion


This week, Venus is turning in direct motion.
On Monday-Wednesday, it is still retrograde. These days, all previous recommendations remain: do not spend a lot, do not buy valuables, do not start business from which you expect immediate income.
From Thursday to Saturday, Venus is stationary. These days you need to stop and think: is everything done? Are all errors taken into account? You cannot start new projects, there will be no sense in them.
On Sunday, Venus finally becomes straight. The nodes that developed during its retrograde movement begin to untie. It will become clear what your particular actions have led to since mid-May.

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And now, specifically what awaits the signs from June 22 to 28.

ARIES in the first half of the week try not to give things and not to lend. On Thursday-Saturday, trade, exchange and mediation will be severely inhibited. On Sunday, all things will go unusually fast. Especially those related to the transfer of funds, mediation, exchange.

Taurus in the first half of the week, things will slow down or not give the expected result. From Thursday to Saturday, business will be completely calm. It makes no sense to go shopping or start a new business. On Sunday, those projects that have slowed down since mid-May will begin to develop.

GEMINI, on Thursday-Saturday an interesting process will take place on the internal plane: if you like a thing, you can be sure you won’t be able to get it out of your head until you buy it.

CANCER growing moon will bring income or new things on Wednesday-Thursday. But due to the fact that Venus changes direction these days, this will not be what you expected, or they will come in strange ways, or some kind of strangeness will be associated with them.

Lions in the first half of the week should focus on returning their belongings and receiving less from friends and groups of people. On Friday-Saturday, the growing moon will bring you profit or things. A new task will appear. On Sunday, those things that have slowed down since mid-May have come forward vividly.

VIRGINS in the first half of the week will have difficulties and delays with salaries at work. On Thursday-Saturday, things will be completely calm. On Sunday, the growing moon will bring you income or new things. Active for you personally will be activity in a matter related to other people's funds, for example, investing in someone else's risky business.

LIBRA. The beginning of the week is an unfavorable time to buy something in online stores. But it is suitable in order to return that which did not suit you. On Thursday-Saturday, there will be a pause, so that you can think about your situation and decide where to move on. On Sunday, those issues that have slowed down since mid-May will begin to move forward.

SCORPIO. In the first half of the week, things will not bring the desired results. On Thursday-Saturday, all issues related to strangers or general funds will not budge. It is useless to agree with someone about something, contact a bank, an insurance company, etc. On Sunday, things will start progressing, slowed down since mid-May. You will begin to pay debts.

SAGITTARIUS. The financial situation will be affected by global economic events. You can gain a lot or lose a lot. The Eclipse Corridor associated with your 8th House emphasizes the importance of the side of the matter that relates to other people's or common means.
Now you can have a division of property, a big deal, the start of a big business paired with someone or with the attraction of investor capital.

CAPRICORNS. This week, it is advisable for you not to start new affairs involving large sums or large consequences. On Wednesday-Thursday there will be new questions regarding strangers or common funds. At the weekend, you can invest in long-term projects, use savings for repairs and construction.

AQUARIUS. In the first half of the week there will be a delay in real estate income. You can not buy luxury goods. On Friday and Saturday, the growing moon will bring new questions related to strangers or common means. However, Venus is stationary these days, so do not expect the benefits of these cases (in any case, an ambulance). On Sunday, Mars will cease to influence your affairs. This will significantly reduce the degree of tension in the material sphere.

FISH In the first half of the week it is not recommended to buy interior decorations and spend money on the improvement of everyday life. It is necessary to protect notes and things located at home. Something that once “left” from home may return. On Thursday-Saturday, cases related to home and family life will die. You can not celebrate a housewarming party, invite guests, spend money on everyday life. Hard and hard work will bring good results on Sunday.

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