On June 25, Venus finishes the retrograde motion.


On June 25, Venus finishes the retrograde motion.
All things that have been developing since May slowly, incomprehensibly and intricately will begin to take on more or less clear outlines. The loop of Venus is not finished yet: it will end in late July. Only then will it be possible to put an end to the situations that she brought.
But these situations were hardly pleasant - the whole loop of Venus was squared with Neptune. This suggests that there has been a lot of confusion, deception and self-deception in love in our lives lately.
Romantic feelings did not allow us to discern the real state of affairs. Now complete clarity will not come yet. But events will go faster and become more predictable. We will begin to slowly consider whether we like the experience that we have gained in recent weeks.

What are the possible scenarios?
If you started dating someone you met recently, you can now gradually become disillusioned with the person. If you started an affair with someone from the past, with someone you once met, who you liked or liked, then by the end of July it will become clear whether your novel has a future, or it was a short burst of nostalgia. Relations will develop faster.
The rapid development of events can push you to some cardinal steps in love, for example, hurry to get married or get together with a partner. But this is not yet necessary.
May July pass, all the fog will dissipate, and if your relationship turns out to be sincerely prosperous, then do what you plan.
Affair on the side of family people will begin to approach the denouement.
Lovers will begin to better understand that there is too much deception in their relationship, and that relationships bring more problems than pleasure.
Couples who have been together for a long time during the retrograde Venus could have lost their understanding.

Retrograde Venus slowed the flow of funds.
Because of her, the revenues that were supposed to be late were late. Direct Venus will help to understand where there was a mistake, why the amounts did not arrive on time or the goods were not delivered. Venus remains in a square with Neptune, so very unpleasant things can come to light - starting from the fact that someone made a mistake somewhere, ending with the fact that it was just a hoax.

Seductive sentences, which during the retrograde Venus were only words, will become concrete. They will literally put pressure on us, offering to buy, earn, and get something. Be careful, there is nothing but deception in these offers.
This applies not only to commercial offers, but also to such areas of life where it is very easy to put pressure on pity and disinterestedness: charity, anonymous gifts flash mobs, etc. Do not do this until the end of July, especially if the idea first arose during the retrograde Venus.

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