November is notable for the fact that most of the unpleasant events can be circumvented.


November is notable for the fact that most of the unpleasant events can be circumvented. It will only be necessary to observe some precautions: not to do something, or, conversely, to do something on certain days.
There will be only one really heavy astrological influence that nothing can be done about - the CONNECTION of JUPITER and PLUTO from November 6 to 19.
It is useless to fight it. It symbolizes major social crises, business and economic problems, political unrest, up to the collapse of any political structures or individual politicians.
If you are not a significant figure in the world economy or politics, you will not be able to influence the crisis. But getting under his pressure is easy.
You can lose your job due to the fact that the company will have to optimize the workflow and reduce part of the staff, or lose money due to the bankruptcy of a bank or insurance company. True, some these days, on the contrary, will be able to drastically change their lives and soar to the very top of the social ladder.
How lucky here.
BUT, in the second decade, Mercury will follow the sign of Scorpio. This is an excellent position for Mercury for important negotiations, large-value transactions, checking the financial strength of business partners and clients, and secret, undisclosed aspects of the business.
AND ALSO, November 18 will end the retrograde phase of Mars.
Aries and Cancers, who have been in a hurry in recent months, have started something, despite clearly inappropriate conditions, were nervous and tried to overcome fate, will face the fact that, it turns out, they have been stumbling in one place all the time, and even the fact that they could do, now you have to redo.

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