First of all, for Crayfish, because the Sun will collect all the cones on July 10-20, and it’s just in this time in the sign of Cancer. So the Cancers, as well as their counterparts on the Cross - Aries, Libra and Capricorn, need to prepare for important events.
Leo also needs to tune in to changes: the Sun rules their sign and therefore they are sensitive to any of its aspects.

The middle of the month will begin with the trine of the Sun and Neptune on July 12. Crayfish and other Watermarks will be able to discover in themselves those talents that were not suspected. Neptune will blur the boundaries between the possible and the impossible. If Crayfish, Pisces and Scorpions decide to try themselves today in a new business, which they always considered unattainable for themselves, they will definitely succeed.
The Lions will receive the same revelation about their own capabilities, but for this they must find themselves in conditions of compelled or voluntary isolation: to leave for nature, sit at home, go to hospital, etc.

On July 14-15, the opposition of the Sun with Jupiter and Pluto will bring fateful events to the life of the Cancers, other signs of the Cardinal Cross (Aries, Libra, Capricorn) and Lviv. This is a complex astrological influence, and it does not promise anything good. Events will be accompanied by losses, interference and difficult choices.
The listed signs cannot be engaged in politics and public life, be in a crowd, use public transport, or make large financial transactions. Publicity must be avoided. You need to be careful with society, because there is a risk of turning against yourself or falling under the pressure of a large group of people.

In addition to a group of people, Jupiter and Pluto can mean force majeure circumstances affecting very many at the same time - the closure of an enterprise, a fall in shares, revocation of a license, a jump in the exchange rate, etc.
• The result may be a loss of reputation or a threat to health (Cancer) • business authority, position, business (Libra) • real estate (Aries) • business or personal relationships (Capricorn) • Lions can be isolated.

The new moon on July 20 completes the fateful astrological influences of the middle of the month.
It will be in Cancer, which means that it will again affect the lives of Cancers and other cardinal signs - Aries, Libra and Capricorn. These signs need to prepare for the fateful innovations in key areas of life. And although the New Moon is usually a positive event, because it allows you to start new things and move forward, this time it portends a complex lunar month.
The luminaries are opposed by Saturn, which means that if something appears within a month, these are new problems. In their endeavors, Crayfish, Libra, Capricorn and Aries will encounter obstacles. Some things will not work out the first time, some will not work out at all.
But in fact, the opposition is quite simple to cope with: it is necessary not to persist, but to give up what it takes, or to give up what it forbids. She will not leave empty-handed: instead of what you have lost, she will give something according to the symbolism of the opposition planet. In this case, it is Saturn, so you can count on a career, strengthening your position in the business world, inviting some kind of rigid hierarchical system to cooperation.

The event that began on the New Moon will finally form on August 2, when the Moon will make a connection with Saturn.
Well, the main results will become visible in six months, when the Sun unites with Saturn

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