ExampleHoroskope Love Horoscope
Period Monthly
Starting date 2017.02.19.
Ending date 2017.03.21.

  • The most important influence of the slow planets this month

  • Stressful interaction Saturn Mars of your horoscope

    This influence is tense and important for your private life. It may cause acute crisis situations which require you to revise your position, demanding promptly a more responsible attitude to your relationship. You might come across failures and the lack of energy in sex. Many things in your relationship at this time can irritate and disappoint you. Often, there may be outbreaks of anger, cruelty, and rudeness. In general, the radical mood may prevail. Perhaps, for some reason or another, you will have to suppress your feelings and desires, constraining yourself in the field of private life pleasures.

  • Stressful interaction Saturn with the Sun of your horoscope

    This is an important and tense influence, which may require from you self-surrender in love or lead to the decline of energy, in particular the sexual one. You will have to invest a lot of work, patience, and effort in your relationship. This influence may also contribute to the cooling of your relationship or to the setting of more rigid limits for you. Problems of your loved ones may be passed to you, to the point that you will find these relationships a burden. In such case, you may encounter disrespect and ingratitude.

  • During this month, while there are rather energetic and long-term effects short-term influences also manifest themselves and might be important.

  • Stressful interaction Mars Venus of your horoscope

    This is a tense influence provoking mutual resentment, strife, resulting in spoiled mood and conflicts while dating. Your actions will not be supported by your partner, which for you will be equal to treason. You will not have the desire to understand and find the point - "shooting from the hip" will be more appealing. At this time, you may indulge in love extremes - from rampant categorical demands to frightening undemanding and forgiveness. At this time, you may also encounter a really inappropriate behavior of your partner and rivalry.

    Effective 19.02 - 21.02
  • Interaction of the Sun Moon of your horoscope

    This influence contributes to the comfort of family and family entertainment. Come up with something interesting, involve your loved one into it, and enjoy. This is good time for arranging family celebrations.

    Effective 20.02 - 22.02
  • Favorable interaction of the Sun Mercury of your horoscope

    This influence contributes to the attainment of a like-minded person and a lover in one. You will be able to enjoy the communication in all its "genres" - the conversational and sexual one. This influence also contributes to the attainment of successful ideas and the ability to turn a love situation into one beneficial for you.

    Effective 25.02 - 27.02
  • Favorable interaction Venus Jupiter of your horoscope

    This influence is favorable for relationships. It creates harmony, common interests, and exciting time together. This time is good for trips together, road romances, meeting extraordinary people, other cultures, races, or religions. At this time you can get some advantage because of your partner. It is possible to meet interesting acquaintances at social, cultural, scientific, promotional, sports events.

    Effective 26.02 - 10.03
  • Stressful interaction of the Sun Jupiter of your horoscope

    This is a stressful influence. It may deprive you of self-confidence and create doubts regarding your importance in your relationship. It does not contribute to the pleasure of dating and the recognition of your merits in love life. You may face criticism of your partner and the infringement of personal rights and plans.

    Effective 03.03 - 05.03
  • Favorable interaction of the Sun Venus of your horoscope

    It helps to reveal the positive impact of your potential in the relationship, harmonizes communication, and inclines you to common activities - entertainment, travel, recreation. Your charm and appeal are at full swing.

    Effective 06.03 - 08.03
  • Favorable interaction Mars with the Sun of your horoscope

    This influence helps to achieve your goals in love affairs. Your persistency may be met with understanding and approval. Your relationship may be bright, dynamic, and passionate. If you want to show something to your partner - it’s time to do it now. Self-promotion is appropriate and very successful at this time, but it certainly should be done with moderation. You are self- confident, but in particularly difficult cases it is good to ensure the support of the children. In their absence, act at your own risk.

    Effective 06.03 - 09.03
  • Interaction of the Sun Saturn of your horoscope

    Under this influence, you may want to take more responsibility in the relationship, or it is going to happen due to some circumstances. This influence may draw your attention to your colleagues, and promote the start of an office romance. You may not be able to resist if someone, who is powerful, serious, and authoritative, will try and start an affair with you.

    Effective 06.03 - 08.03
  • Favorable interaction Mars Moon of your horoscope

    This influence gives confidence in your emotions and desires, gives you energy required to carry forward the family plans, to be active for the good of the family and home, to take on more responsibilities - and this will definitely bring you great popularity in the family. In return, the family is the place where you can recharge energy and power. At this time, performing conjugal duties can turn more and more animated. In case you do not have family, at this time you can do the first step in the direction of setting it up.

    Effective 12.03 - 14.03
  • Stressful interaction of the Sun Mars of your horoscope

    This is a stressful influence that increases conflict and aggression. It sharpens love rivalry, provokes quarrels and debates in the relationship, the manifestation of aggression and unwillingness to reckon with your partner. It is better to avoid controversial topics and to exercise patience and caution.

    Effective 15.03 - 17.03
  • Stressful interaction of the Sun with the Sun of your horoscope

    This is a stressful influence. It can lead to clashes because of wounded pride, or hinder the start of the desired relations. It is not the best time for dating. Quarrels may be caused by selfish mood.

    Effective 18.03
  • Stressful interaction Venus Mercury of your horoscope

    This is a stressful influence. It can confuse your love plans creating uncomfortable situations for you, pushing you from those you have tried to have around. In addition, you can hear some unpleasant things from your partner, and be uncertain about his or her intentions. You can even get tired of communicating with those who are sympathetic to you and to whom you are.

    Effective 18.03

Astrological forecast is based on the basis of a joint analysis of your birth chart (horoscope), and the exact position of the planets in the forecast period. Based on your birth data we computed and built your individual horoscope, and then analyzed the most significant astrological influence (the motion of planets), consistently, day after day during the forecast period and their impact on your horoscope. As the result we provide you with the individual for you forecast of the major astrological influences. They create a wide range of opportunities and wide range of challenges, thus giving you the choice for certain actions. Provide, but do not oblige. The choice is always yours! Knowing the nature of the effects and time when they are most strongly manifested, you can estimate the degree of difficulty and time to take advantage of these opportunities. You even get the creator of your destiny. The forecast provides guidance to the nature of the effects, the intervals of time when they are most strongly exist: recommendations regarding the optimal behavior during these time intervals in order to achieve success and stability in business. This allows at any time to tailor one’s life to cosmic rhythms, unbreakable connection with which is predetermined by nature.

Planetary influences may occur with varying degrees of strength. They can either reinforce each other or contradict each other. Not all the influences can be felt, understood, lead to significant events. In the case of conflicting trends it makes sense to rely on favorable ones and be attentive to matters in those areas for which there is intense impact. ’Tense’, ’conflict’ and ’complex’ effects suggest that the situation in your life needs some changes and it is likely that they will occur. This is the most intense time, which requires understanding of the situation, switching on and studying, usage of energy and strength. Then the changes may be important and positive, this can become the move to another level. ’Tense’ aspects can also mean that you will be emotional, irritable, agitated, aggressive more than the usual, so during this time be rigorous to yourself, control yourself and be critical. The presence of intense effects does not mean that you should refuse things that are important to you, you simply need to assess the influence of the circumstances at the moment and make the most rational decision. To neutralize difficult situations try to use time when there are favorable influences along with the tense influences. Favorable influences suggest that the time is good for a particular action and result in this field will be easier to achieve than at any other time. They also point out that this is the best time to reveal your talents, abilities, your potential.

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