ExampleHoroskope Finance Horoscope
Period Daily
Starting date 2017.04.17.
Ending date 2017.04.18.

  • General situation of the day

    Moon on that day.

    Waning Moon. This is the time of continuing what was started earlier. You can also deal with loans, take or give them. In the markets, stock exchanges, you can try to fix profits. You may make changes in the course of the business.

  • Moon in Sagittarius 00:00-07:04

    Moon in Sagittarius. This is the right time to spend money on travel and studying, as well as giving lessons and tutoring. You may buy tickets, book hotels, or buy books. Before making financial decisions it is beneficial to improve your economic literacy.

  • Moon in Capricorn 07:04-24:00

    Moon in Capricorn. This time is quite unemotional. Maybe you do not want to spend money now. But do not be too greedy. On the other hand, putting something aside, saving on your account does make sense. Shopping in this period is not spontaneous, but planned.

  • Moon Void 02:26-07:04

    When the Moon is void of course, you should not take important financial decisions, sign documents or contracts. Otherwise, they will not be executed, and the business started will not bring results. But this time is convenient for filing tax returns: it is more likely that they will be forgotten and will not be checked. You can also make required payments, including utilities, or pay the fines. In general, do all payments which you want to quickly and permanently get rid of.

    Retrograde ** ====

  • Mercury retrograde

    Mercury retrograde. This is an important period for any commercial activity. At such time, which occurs three to four times a year and lasts for about three weeks, all trading operations are slowed down. Turnover of money, documents, securities, and commodities is difficult. Some of the documents have to be redone. Crashes in transport and communications occur often than usual. Do not start new businesses which require rapid turnover associated with retail and wholesale trade or securities.

  • Individual impacts of the day (interaction of planets with the personal horoscope)

  • Important planetary influences which act for a long time, and that day falls in the period when they exert effect.

  • Stressful interaction Neptune Jupiter of your horoscope

    Do not give in to the pressure of public opinion and fashion; avoid buying unnecessary things. It is not necessary to participate in the activities of the organizations whose aims and methods are not close to you. Also, do not try to engage in speculation, seek easy enrichment -now it is an illusion.

  • Stressful interaction Saturn with the Sun of your horoscope

    Legal aspects may create obstacles in the way of your income. Perhaps you have neglected the law, and now have to pay the price. In such case, bring your activities into the compliance with the law. Now you should not seek to expand the scope of your business or invest money in it. It is better to focus on a specific area where your expertise is highest. Financial speculation at this time is unlikely to be successful. Also, now the conditions of getting a loan may be complicated.

  • Stressful interaction Jupiter Venus of your horoscope

    Now it is not worth to spend a disproportionate amount on cultural events, presentations, or advertising. Maintain a reasonable budget or spend on advertising campaigns at another time. Also, try to stay within reasonable limits in respect of personal consumption; do not buy just for the sake of prestige unreasonably expensive things. Earning using personal connections may not work out at this time. Neither should expectations of the financial capacity of your partner should be too high.

  • Major planetary influences of the day

  • Favorable interaction Mercury Moon of your horoscope

    A good day for meetings clients, customers; it is also a good day for shopping, especially in the field of home and family. New information and meetings will help you in the commercial world.

  • Favorable interaction of the Sun with the Sun of your horoscope

    Favorable time for personal activities, initiative and creative energy, including making money. If other factors do not interfere, it is now well make purchases and investments. Under appropriate conditions on your work you can talk about salary increase.

  • At certain times of the day, it is useful to consider the influence of the Moon on your horoscope.

  • Stressful interaction Moon Mars of your horoscope 00:00-00:12

    This period is fraught with accidents, injuries, and conflicts. Be very careful. Do not rush to act or speak - a careless word can now also trigger conflict. Loss of funds by mistake or someone’s evil intent is also possible. While working and earning money try not to risk or to offend anyone.

  • Stressful interaction Moon with the Sun of your horoscope 01:46-05:49

    Try to avoid the manifestation of such negative character traits as authoritarianism, greed, or envy. It can hurt your relationships at work, and accordingly, affect your earnings. Try not to enter conflicts. If your mood is negative, do not go shopping at this time, because there will be further negative emotions.

  • Favorable interaction Moon Moon of your horoscope 09:42-13:44

    Emotional state at this time is quite positive for shopping. This is especially true of small household items for home and family. And if other factors are also positive, you can buy something more substantial. It is also a favorable time to communicate with colleagues, clients, and customers. You might make good money if your activity is related to domestic customer service.

  • Stressful interaction Moon Mercury of your horoscope 21:23-24:00

    At this time, there may be small, short-lived, but annoying glitches in the process of trade negotiations, travel, or paperwork. If something does not work, just wait a few hours, and the situation will change. Take your time and do not rush partners, the situation will change soon, and do not spoil the mood or create conflict. When purchasing, check prices and the quality of goods more carefully, but try not to argue, act to the point, armed with the right information.

Astrological forecast is based on the basis of a joint analysis of your birth chart (horoscope), and the exact position of the planets in the forecast period. Based on your birth data we computed and built your individual horoscope, and then analyzed the most significant astrological influence (the motion of planets), consistently, day after day during the forecast period and their impact on your horoscope. As the result we provide you with the individual for you forecast of the major astrological influences. They create a wide range of opportunities and wide range of challenges, thus giving you the choice for certain actions. Provide, but do not oblige. The choice is always yours! Knowing the nature of the effects and time when they are most strongly manifested, you can estimate the degree of difficulty and time to take advantage of these opportunities. You even get the creator of your destiny. The forecast provides guidance to the nature of the effects, the intervals of time when they are most strongly exist: recommendations regarding the optimal behavior during these time intervals in order to achieve success and stability in business. This allows at any time to tailor one’s life to cosmic rhythms, unbreakable connection with which is predetermined by nature.

Planetary influences may occur with varying degrees of strength. They can either reinforce each other or contradict each other. Not all the influences can be felt, understood, lead to significant events. In the case of conflicting trends it makes sense to rely on favorable ones and be attentive to matters in those areas for which there is intense impact. ’Tense’, ’conflict’ and ’complex’ effects suggest that the situation in your life needs some changes and it is likely that they will occur. This is the most intense time, which requires understanding of the situation, switching on and studying, usage of energy and strength. Then the changes may be important and positive, this can become the move to another level. ’Tense’ aspects can also mean that you will be emotional, irritable, agitated, aggressive more than the usual, so during this time be rigorous to yourself, control yourself and be critical. The presence of intense effects does not mean that you should refuse things that are important to you, you simply need to assess the influence of the circumstances at the moment and make the most rational decision. To neutralize difficult situations try to use time when there are favorable influences along with the tense influences. Favorable influences suggest that the time is good for a particular action and result in this field will be easier to achieve than at any other time. They also point out that this is the best time to reveal your talents, abilities, your potential.

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